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There are innumerable reasons why any given business would need custom software developed for them. Regardless of your businesses goals, products, or services, at some point it’s going to require software to elevate it. Modern technology has allowed us to bridge the gap between our customers and our business. It allows us to keep record of all transactions and information digitally, but more than anything it allows your business to reach its maximum potential.

There are plenty of prefabricated software solutions out there, and while they may offer an attractive price point, they are static and unchanging. It cannot change or adapt to your business which could result in a serious waste of capital. With agile development in South Florida, our team at Third Wave can bring you an ever changing, ever evolving software solution.


What Agile is and Why Your Business Needs It

The textbook definition of agile software development describes it as a group of software development methods in which the requirements, solutions, and expectations evolve and change constantly through collaboration and cross-functional teams. The biggest tenets of this methodology involve constant adaptive planning and evolution. This type of development is known for being incredibly flexible and able to change at a moment’s notice.

The concept of agile development began in the 1990s as an alternative to the more rigid and less adaptive heavyweight waterfall development method. Until agile methods emerged, software development had a clear-cut set of steps that were set in stone once completed. This approach was more hardware oriented and not indicative of a good software method. Everything was micromanaged and heavily regulated in this approach.

With the adoption of agile methods, everything led to a summit at the Snowbird resort in Utah where 17 software developers met to discuss a better method of doing things. This resulted in the Manifesto for Agile Software Development. The new and flexible approach that resulted from this came in the form of four elements of focus:

1. Providing more value to Individuals and Interactions

The first focus decided to place things like specific processes and tool on the backburner. Instead, things like co-location and pair programming became more important. The organization and motivation of teams should come from within, and not be regulated and controlled.

2. Tangible and Working Prototypes

No longer should client meetings consist of vague documents and lofty promises. Agile development showcases working prototypes in client meetings to truly showcase the current state of the software and the path that it’s currently on.

3. Evolving Requirements and Goals

Instead of rigidly carving the requirements into stone, agile software development relies on constantly client feedback and communication throughout the process to better fine-tune the final product.

4. Adapting to Change

In the past, heavyweight software development would adhere to a strict plan that could not be altered without major cost of capital. Agile sought to create a cycle that adapts to change and constantly evolves to recognize more efficient and value oriented solutions.

So why is this right for your business? Well, not only does this solution guarantee a more efficient and tailor-made product for your business, it also provides you with a hands-on approach that keeps you constantly in the loop. The lifecycle of agile development allows for rhythmic bursts of work known as Sprints or Iterations. After each of these bursts, teams present a working, potentially shippable product.

These miniature development cycles allow for constant input on your part. The creation of a functional product immediately brings tangible method of examining and tweaking the coming solutions. No aspect of the software’s design is outside of reach, everything can be examined and tweaked at any point in the development cycle which truly puts the power in your hands.


Third Wave: Your Ultimate Agile Development Solution

Third Wave is headed by two incredibly talented and experienced individuals. The CEO, Frank Barbato, brings 35 years of experience in the software and technology industries. Prior to working with Third Wave, Mr. Barbato was the Chief Information Officer at Lydian Private Bank in Palm Beach, Florida. In this previous capacity he handled the company’s internet technology, security, infrastructure, and the business strategy.

Over his 11 years with Lydian, he also served as the Chief Software Architect. His influence lead the company to develop a custom online system that raised their growth to over two billion dollars.

The President and CTO of Third Wave, Rob Scaduto, handles the Third Wave agile development in South Florida. His passion for software development has led him to develop incredibly successful platforms such as which is the official website for over 400 athlete superstars. He also had a tenure at Stopzilla where he transformed the company from a simple pop-up blocker, to one of the premiere anti-spyware systems in the market.

The skills of these two individuals, combined with Third Wave’s team of deeply qualified individuals, creates a company that can conceive, develop, and evolve a software solution that always meets and exceeds the needs of your business.

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