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This document describes Third Wave Technology product terms and polices.

What We Sell

Third Wave product is Software Development Services billed by the hour or agreed upon timeframe at an agreed upon rate. All time frames, rates and other terms are governed by our Master Services Agreement (MSA) which is provided when Third Wave and prospect agree to enter in an agreement to engage in a Software Development relationship. The MSA specifies all terms and conditions, billing policies, payment terms, disputes, ownership of Intellectual Property and more.

Depending on the relationship a project will normally also involve a Statement of Work (SOW) document that sits on top of the MSA and spells out project details, estimates, and rates if different from the MSA.

Billing is performed by the submission of an invoice with payment terms and rates specified in the SOW or MSA. If requested by a client, Third Wave may offer payment options such as Credit Card or ACH. In this case, a payment link is sent to the client via email so that payment may be made. All refund policies are governed by the existing terms agreed in the SOW and MSA.


Purchase Currency

All payments must be made in US dollars. No other currency is accepted.

Customer Service Contact Information

For customer service you may email A direct contact phone number is provided to all clients in the MSA and SOW documents.

Fulfillment Policies

All policies listed below are governed by our MSA which are agreed upon and signed prior to any work or billing is performed. Summaries are provided below,

Refund policy —the MSA defines a clear policy for refunds. Disputes are addressed prior to or when the invoice is presented to the client. Client notifying Third Wave prior to payment date of a dispute or issue.

Delivery policy — Software is delivered to an agreed upon schedule, specified in MSA or SOW. Depending on the type of application being delivered the software is updated on a website or downloaded through pre-established channels.

Cancellation policy — Cancellation is governed by our signed MSA or SOW which defines the required for notifications and delivery methods and details of delivery of work in-progress. All work paid for is delivered upon cancellation and payment.

Service Restriction

Third Wave adheres to all legal restrictions for delivery of software to countries outside the USA. Third Wave also adheres to all copyright, encryption or other laws that are prohibitwd.

Privacy Policy

You can find the Third Wave privacy policy at the following link:

Business Address

1437 Island Ford Road, Brevard, NC 28712


Third Wave is not offering any promotions.

Website Security and Payments

Third Wave does not accept any payments on its website. All payments are made after signing MSA, SOW and are made privately after delivery of invoices. Payment links may be provided upon request by a client and are provided through third party vendors such as Stripe or other payment vendors.

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