Custom Software Development in South Florida for the Health Care Industry

We develop cloud-based platforms, applications, mobile and data solutions

Custom Software Development for Health Care in South Florida

  • Cloud-based HIPAA Compliant Systems
  • Custom EHR and Practice Management
  • Advanced Medical Scheduling
  • Streamlined Order Management for Products
  • Claims Processing and EDI Data Exchange/Integration
  • Automated Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
  • Mobile Applications Desktop, API’s & more
  • User/Partner Management
  • Custom Portals for Data Analytics and Reporting
  • Charge Back Schedule Management
  • Medical Coding Management
  • Physician Management and Credentialing
  • Lab Management (Eye Glass)
  • Authorizations

Why Custom Software Systems?

As a general rule, customizing off the shelf software more than 20% is a reasonable threshold before a custom solutions begin to make financial sense. Off the shelf systems can be limited in flexibility, or closed systems, meaning it is difficult to share your system data with other applications and automation. Example: Accounting, billing, claims, CRM…

Custom software applications are initially more expensive but the trade-off is that the software works exactly the way your business does. This eliminates workarounds allows tighter integration with other systems depending on the openness of the systems involved.

Contact us to find out if custom systems or components make sense for your company. We will walk you through the process, and figure out if the ROI is there.

How to Evaluate a Cloud Provider for HIPAA Compliance

The Power of Third Wave Custom Systems

  • Our Custom Platforms power over 300 healthcare centers
  • Process over 150M /year in revenue
  • Schedule over 12,500 appointments /month

Top 10 Reasons for Using Third Wave

  • Local to South Florida for more  hands-on service
  • HIPAA and OWASP Security trained teams
  • 100% USA based English speaking agile software teams
  • Experienced and specialized in Health Custom Software Solutions
  • Cloud, Web, Mobile, API’s & More
  • Laser Focus on Delivering Business Value
  • Ongoing Maintenance & Support Programs
  • Full Project Transparency & Billing
  • You See Working Software Every 2 weeks
  • Extensive Quality Checks with Automated and Manual Testing

 Medical Clients


HearUSA is a recognized leader in hearing care and is partnered with managed care organizations across the country. Through its Hearing Care Network of nearly 2,000 independently practicing audiologists and hearing care professionals, and its more than 200 company-owned hearing centers, HearUSA administers hearing benefits and provides related products and services to both third party and self-referred clients.

Third Wave was able to reimagine, refactor and rewrite their 20-year-old mission critical POS system in only 9 months while delivering the business benefits of a single unified data structure to deliver a single view of patients across all centers.

The niche platform had advanced components for patient records, practice management, credentialing, insurance, advanced scheduling across centers, rooms, equipment, and audiologists, tight integration with an ERP and accounting systems

With a system that meets exactly their needs and the additional benefits of greatly improved deployment, scalability, flexibility, and maintainability, HearUSA is now leveraging its additional capabilities in marketing and analytics to grow significantly.

Once the data model was unified, a Third Wave data analytics solution was developed to manage the marketing efforts and provide greater insight into the ROI of campaigns.

South Florida Vision

Founded by Dr. Robert C. Coppola in 1985, South Florida Vision Centers has offered state-of-the-art eye care by Board Certified Optometrists and licensed Opticians. In recent years, South Florida Vision (SFV) has shifted their focus from owning and operating several local vision centers to creating and representing a sizable provider network of optometrists and ophthalmologists from various practices to the major insurance companies.

Along with many opportunities, this shift has also created several new information technology challenges.  SFV selected Third Wave as a partner that could help them navigate this new landscape.  The result was an optimized platform that automates claims processing, EDI data exchange operations, eyeglass and frame kit ordering, Lab Management, Explanation of Benefits (EOB), partner portals and hardening their system’s security for HIPAA compliance.

The result was an optimized platform that automates medical coding, claims processing, data exchange operations, eyeglass and frame kit ordering, Lab Management, Explanation of Benefits (EOB), chargebacks, partner portals and hardening their system’s security for HIPAA compliance.

The platform also handles partner and user management and integration with internal systems as well as reporting for partners, payers, and internal operations.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

Who I call first

HearUSA has always been able to depend on Third Wave to deliver high-quality development and database services consistently. Third Wave is who I call first each time I need IT development or database services.

– Kevin Beninati – HearUSA – Senior Vice President of Information Technology

I Rarely Provide Testimonials

I rarely provide testimonials, but Third Wave is uniquely positioned to provide outsourced solutions to software providers because of their extremely talented development resources. No other outfit neatly encapsulates the value they bring to bear in optimizing a collaborative solution with their clients.

– Christopher Strome – Fame Inc. – Product Manager Student Information & Financial Aid Systems

Exceeded Our Expectations

Third Wave is a very professional, knowledgeable, and ethical firm with many years of very pertinent experience in delivering development services.  They exceeded our expectations and were an extension of our development team.

– Greg Bergman – (formerly) ELMS Services – CIO

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