Total Party Planner (Saas Platform)

Originally designed as a time-saver for the family catering business, Total Party Planner has grown into a robust catering and banquet management solution beloved by industry professionals worldwide. Their comprehensive catering and event planning software streamlines business flow, saving time and optimizing profits.

Total Party Planner initially selected Third Wave to deliver some coaching and training to their internal development team to support their fledgling Agile process.  After learning about the benefits of unit testing, continuous integration, and automated deployments, Total Party Planner purchased a Cloud Continuous Delivery Environment to streamline the deployment of their existing applications.

Third Wave worked with the TPP development team to create a new, modern application architecture to serve as a foundation for future development of their flagship product.  Built on top of technologies like NancyFX and Ember.js, the new platform eliminates tedious boilerplate code and enforces a clean separation of concerns, breaking the deadlock of jQuery spaghetti code that, over time, became difficult to manage.

  • Application Types: Web
  • Programming Languages: C#, JavaScript
  • Data Stores: SQL Server
  • Cloud Infrastructure: AWS, Private
  • Platforms: Windows
  • Development Environment: BitBucket, Physique, TeamCity, Octopus Deploy
  • Frameworks: NancyFX, Ember.js, NHibernate, StructureMap, Fluent Migrator

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