Mission-Critical Legacy applications

holding you back?

Isn’t it time to get this burden off your back?

Do any of these issues describe your situation?

  • Are you frustrated by the limits your legacy applications impose on your business processes?
  • Are you worried about the security and business continuity risk, data silos, and possibly compliance issues?
  • Does your head hurt from having to deal with support, maintenance, or finding a developer who’s not afraid to go near the code?

Is this the year you finally  break free?

Are you sick and tired of trying to support, maintain and control ancient legacy applications and their data like Microsoft Visual Fox Pro, Access, Visual Basic or ASP? They decentralize all your data making it hard to secure, backup, share or create reports. After 10 or 20 years of getting by with workarounds, file exports, data silos and lack of integration and hoping auditors don’t bring them up: Do you wish that this is the year you see these ancient beasts finally start to disappear?

Legacy Applications Reimagined

Rewriting a Legacy Application doesn’t deliver a lot of business value. We believe you must reimagine the application to not only provide the critical functionality but to leverage the systems and capabilities available internally and beyond.

Many legacy applications have been around so long that they force the business to work in rigid ways that become accepted practice. Additionally, business rules coded within the application are not known or well understood. This creates an opportunity for the business to take a fresh look at the processes, rules, and behavior and gain new efficiencies.

Removing limitations in applications, architecture, data, processes open up a new world of possibilities that can provide game-changing benefits. Unifying data for reporting and analytics, eliminating barriers in delivering services faster, reducing errors and improving integration.

We encourage you not to rewrite your mission-critical legacy applications but to reimagine them. It’s a different mindset that moves you past replacing and toward a road of enhancing.

This moves us to the business case for getting rid of your application, See the next section to discover how it is the only true way to get approval and realize business value.

The Business Case

It ‘s surprising how many companies still rely on mission-critical legacy applications that have outlived their useful life. That’s because there are valid concerns about the cost and effort to get rid of the application as well as interrupting the business, migrating the data and dealing with all the connecting systems that have dependencies. Selling the idea to management and justifying the cost isn’t easy.

The trick isn’t only about the impact on the IT department, it’s how it affects the business that closes the deal. It must change how the business will run, grow or transform or some combination of all three areas.

If the new application only performs the same functionality you will have zero chance of getting approval. The application must not only remove limitations and barriers but also have a roadmap to more powerful capability to increase the bottom line.

Sure you can take other approaches like wrapping a layer around an application but band-aids don’t transform businesses. That’s why we work with you to build the business case. Presenting a road map to your executive management team not only provides the ammunition you need to sell the idea but it also shows you are a true technology leader that has considered the business impact and the benefits of moving forward.

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