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  • Frank Barbato CEO

    Mr. Barbato brings over 35 years of experience in the software and technology industries to Third Wave. He guides Third Wave’s expert team in applying a sophisticated business approach to crafting its new era of agile software development products and services.

    Mr. Barbato is the author of Avoiding Software Project Pitfalls, Seven simple ground rules that could save your career.

    Prior to founding Third Wave, Mr. Barbato served as the Chief Information Officer of Lydian Private Bank in Palm Beach, Florida. He was responsible for the company’s Internet technologies, software development, network infrastructure, security, and aligning IT with its business strategy.

    During his 11-year tenure at Lydian, Mr. Barbato also served as the Chief Software Architect, developing enterprise software technologies and guiding Lydian’s software architectural direction. Mr. Barbato is responsible for developing and launching Lydian’s custom online banking system, which powered its growth to over $2 Billion in assets and the addition of a wealth management and private banking division.

    Prior to joining Lydian, Mr. Barbato architected and developed the Windows version of one of the nation’s leading Real Estate Settlement Systems named Landtech for Windows. He also served as a consultant with a broad range of experience in many industries including financial, medical, insurance, military intelligence and numerous Internet applications.

    Mr. Barbato has been featured in various business and technology publications, including Windows Financial Services magazine, Banking Technology News, American Banker, Banking Magazine, Tech Target, Microsoft Case Studies, Application Development Trends magazines and XMLMania.com.

  • Rob Scaduto Chief Technology Officer

    As CTO, Mr. Scaduto is responsible for Third Wave’s agile development process, software architecture and technology vision.  He is a passionate technologist and maintainer of several open source projects.

    By the time Mr. Scaduto graduated with an Associates of Arts from Palm Beach State College in 1998, he could already see the massive potential of the upcoming dot com boom and decided to forego a bachelor’s degree to start his first software consulting firm at the age of 20. His firm was responsible for building several lines of business applications for clients in the insurance, medical, and real estate industries.

    From there, he joined up with Fanlink.com where he created a platform allowing professional athletes to connect directly with their fans via the internet. While this might not seem that interesting now that we are saturated with social media, it was quite a novel idea back in 1999.  Fanlink grew to be the official website for over 400 professional athletes including superstars like Jerry Rice, Kurt Warner, Mike Alstott, Kelly Slater and more.

    After taking a brief hiatus from entrepreneurial ventures to recharge his batteries, Mr. Scaduto went on to join iS3 as a founding partner to help create STOPzilla: The Ultimate Popup Killer.  After a few years serving as CTO, he was promoted to President of the company where he transformed the product and its brand identity from a popup blocker to one of the most effective anti-spyware applications on the market, dramatically increasing the company’s sales in the process. After exiting iS3, Mr. Scaduto decided to return to his first love: building great software.  He now uses his substantial executive and entrepreneurial experience to solve the diverse business challenges of his clients.

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