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Software is an ever shifting and ever changing field of business. Like business, the goal of development is efficiency. Everything we do is aimed toward reaching the goal as quickly and accurately as possible. Of the various software methodologies out there, it has become apparent that Agile is the most promising when implemented by a talented team of individuals.

Software development is so much more than the name suggests. It is a multi-step process that spans numerous people, and concepts. Today’s businesses are geared toward maximizing their time and capital. With a strong set of agile experts in South Florida, this kind of goal is within your grasp.


Why is Agile The Best Methodology to Choose?

When it comes to software or program development methodology, the choices on-hand are numerous. They are not all cut from the same cloth, however, but they all seek a single goal: to create a set of phases or steps that outline the process of software development from the planning stages, all the way to the management of the finished product.

Here is a full list of methodologies currently utilized:

  • Waterfall
  • Prototype Model
  • Incremental
  • Iterative
  • V-Model
  • Spiral
  • Cleanroom
  • RAD
  • DSDM
  • UP
  • Agile (XP, Scrum, Lean, Kanban)
  • Dual Vee Model

As you can see, the choices are quite vast. Why then, does agile stand out from the rest so prominently? The answer lies in a document conceived at the Snowbird resort in Utah where seventeen software developers met to discuss new methods. When they left, they published the Manifesto for Agile Software Development.

The main points of the manifesto are spread across four distinct messages. The beginning of each message holds more weight than the second half according to the document. Both sides matter, but the left one holds more value.

1. Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools

This phrase, particularly the one in bold, stresses the need for Agile software experts to focus on the needs of the consumer and place focus on interactions like co-location and pair programming.

2. Working Software over Comprehensive Documentation

This aspect of the methodology dictates that client meetings and status updates should be presented by showcasing working software as opposed to presenting documents to the client and not showing a working model.

3. Customer Collaboration over Contract Negotiation

All of the possible needs and requirements of a client cannot be collected at the beginning of the cycle. This means that customer and stakeholder presence is a major concern and focus in this methodology. Their involvement is key to the success of the program.

4. Responding to Change over Following a Plan

Finally, agile development focuses on responding to the changes in a business climate and dedicating constant development to meeting this changes and evolving the program to meet those needs.


Choosing the Agile Development Team for Your Business

Software development is a skill that is honed over years of training and requires complex understandings of infinitely advanced coding and developing concepts. Suffice to say, it’s not something you can train a team to do in any reasonable amount of time. That is why most companies will choose to outsource their agile development to a qualified team.

Whereas a traditional team is organized by a team leader, your agile development team is self-organizing and requires only a servant leader facilitator to function. This decision, while drastic, can equally rock the pillars of your company as it grows beyond what it is now. When choosing your development solution, consider some characteristics. These are ideal things you should see in your team:

1. Adaptability

Your team should understand and support the fact that your business is always changing, and the program’s requirements are going to shift and evolve as time goes on. Your chosen team should be poised to meet these needs and adapt the program to better serve your customers. The final product should be malleable to meet the needs of an ever shifting landscape.

2. Thorough Testing Processes

Your team should also be ready and willing to catch any bugs in the programming before the software goes into production. The cost of fixing a bug after it has shipped is far higher than squashing it while it’s in your line of sight.

3. Quality and Security

While there are indeed far more characteristics that make up a great agile development team ultimately the security of your software and its ability to deliver consistent results will define the true expertise of your software developers. The team you hire you should always be focused on maintaining the safety of your information and the source code of your software.

Quality should be adhering to proper coding standards and ensuring that all bugs are dealt with prior to shipping. There’s a balance between these things, one that shifts constantly.

Our team at Third Wave is composed of top software developers and headed by leaders that together possess over fifty years of experience in this field. With all of the characteristics above, the knowledge of time and experience, and a passion for great customer service, this represents the ultimate answer when seeking the top agile experts in South Florida.

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