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Get Full Command of Your Data

One of the biggest problems holding many companies back is having full command of their data. It’s common to see companies both small and large, struggle with data issues such as:

  • Data sits in isolated silos making it hard to gather, analyze and understand
  • Key metrics and KPIs not readily available, causing poor visibility to run the company
  • Critical reports require risky, time-consuming, error-prone manual manipulationThird Wave Data Services
  • Systems that don’t share data easily, causing frustrating manual entry, cut & paste and costly data errors
  • Inaccurate data reporting with multiple spreadsheets and copies floating around
  • Compliance Risk for regulated entities such as PCI, HIPAA, OCC, FDA,…
  • Data at Risk for Business Continuity, loss of data, corruption
  • Data Security to protect data at rest, in transit, data access control and monitoring
  • Data Analytics to gain insights and the ability to see trends and predict future events
  • Not sure if you can save money or be compliant if you store data in the cloud.
  • Difficulty easily sharing data with partners, vendors and clients

Having full command of your data is the most critical aspects of running your business. The ability to compete and make decisions based on solid facts and trends allow you to make better decisions. Depending on your scenario our Data Services are designed to address the above situations and more. Data Services include:


The key to having a valuable dashboard is the ability to gather all your most important critical metrics and KPI’s in one place, accurately, frequently and displayed in a way that is easy to visualize and understand. Then making that data available to you wherever you are. We provide:

  • Custom dashboards to meet your specific needs.
  • Cloud-based or hosted in your environment
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Dashboards for small or large companies
  • Specific dashboards for different roles in your company so they can measure and manage their performance

Dashboards aren’t just for executives anymore. Empower your workers.


Reporting is often one of the weak points of many organizations. Taking command of your data has the following requirements:

  • A single version of the truth using data from the system of authority
  • Fully-automated generation of the reports (no manual intervention)
  • Data validated and verified by subject matter experts
  • Ability to collect and aggregate data for maximum value
  • Appropriate timeliness of data with its value
  • Generation of data should not impact existing data systems
  • Secure control over who should access what data

Third Wave has worked with clients to solve these issues and make a true difference in their capabilities.

Data Integration

As companies grow, they add new systems to handle operations and other capabilities. This usually results in systems that don’t communicate with each other in a seamless way. Over time, this results in data silos and other challenges. In addition, there are times when you need to share data with partners or vendors securely which can be challenging. Ultimately, you may want to share data with your clients to enhance your product or services. To solve these type of problems we offer:

  • Custom integrations between software systems
  • B2B integration in just about any format or exchange method
  • B2C integration for exporting data to clients
  • API development to allow secure, refined data exchange and operability

Data Analytics

The next level of gaining command of your data is Data Analytics. This is the transition into realizing more value from your data. The ability to use your data for more than just reporting, which is what happened. You begin to transition into what will likely happen and what is the trend.

Traditional data analytics over the years from big companies has been very expensive, placing it in the realm of only the bigger companies that can afford it. But new tools and methods are bringing the price down and shortening the timeframe for implementation. Typically your other data needs should be addressed before realizing the benefits of Data Analytics.

  • See trends and insights for your business
  • Understand relationships between your data and other events
  • Realize the value of your data beyond the intended purpose

Data Administration

Taking care of your basic data operations is critical to ensuring you are proactive in reducing operational risk. Ensuring your data is backed up and recoverable, performance levels can sustain your business requirements, important security patches and maintenance are performed, disk space is monitored or that you have the support you need when issues arise. We offer remote Microsoft SQL Server database services when you don’t have the time or resources to manage your environment.

  • Business Continuity
  • Data maintenance and monitoring
  • Health checks and tuning
  • Data backup, restore and redundancy
  • Support
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