Increase in Demand for Agile Development in South Florida

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South Florida is currently exploding with up-and-coming technology-based businesses that are helping to boost the economy and create new jobs in the technology field. This is not only an extremely positive dynamic for the economy but it also creates a need for experts in agile development in South Florida. We at Third Wave want to provide the new businesses in our community with brand new opportunities in innovative software development.

Agile software development practices the ideology that code needs to be simple, software needs to be tested often, and the customer is the number one priority. Third Wave wants our clients to be a part of the software development process from the beginning to the very end. This is why it is excites us to our very core to see new technological businesses thriving here in South Florida. Their success equates our success.


New Technology-based Businesses and Start-Ups in South Florida

South Florida is not only a beautiful place to start a business, but an economically thriving one as well. There are a few new start-up businesses that caught our eye here at Third Wave and we wish nothing but the best in their future endeavors. They are innovators in digital banking and other technological services. Here are some of the businesses that got our attention and why they may benefit from agile development in South Florida:

  •       Centric Consulting
  •       Monipulse
  •       Decentral Bank

Centric Consulting is a business consulting firm that assist with providing new technology solutions and other types of management consulting services. They pride themselves of thinking about the small details that most consulting firms tend to lose sight of. Centric Consulting has a number of offices all over the country and two of them are located in Tampa and Miami. They have goals similar to us here at Third Wave.

Centric Consulting wants to put the customer first and build long-lasting relationships with their clients.

Centric Consulting is exactly the type of business who could benefit from agile development in South Florida. We have a team of experts with over 30 years of executive and software development experience that could assist in implementing new software that would live up to their standards and stand by the core value of keeping the customer in the spotlight.

Monipulse is a start-up based out of Fort Lauderdale, FL who provides consumers with a financial management platform that is changing the way people do business. They use top of the line technologies to stay on top of the game in allowing banks and businesses to communicate with each other like never before. This is the exactly kind of business we love working with because they already have a solid business plan and sturdy goals.

Decentral Bank is another great company who is taking off in South Florida with a goal of being the number one innovator in bitcoin and crowdfunding. They are not replacing banks but only adding infrastructure to online banking.

These are two very strong companies that are creating new jobs and making more of a need for agile software development. Our point in telling you all of this is to simply remind you why we are in the business that we are in at Third Wave. Our business cannot grow if the businesses of South Florida do not grow.


What Third Wave Can Do For These Companies

Third Wave provides consumers and businesses with the freedom to develop new and innovative software that changes the way the world does business. We believe in putting the customer first and allowing them to be a big part of our processes. All of our developers use the same coding standards, frameworks, and best practices so that our customers are always getting a consistent and accurate result every single time.

Third Wave moves quickly and efficiently and thrive in the idea of knowing what our customers want. The product owner is our key point of contact and we want to make absolutely sure that the customer not only leaves us happy and satisfied, but comes back to us happy and satisfied.

If you are in need of agile development consulting please visit our website and schedule a no obligation consultation right away. We have just proven to you the need for our services, so it is up to you to take the next step.

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