Custom Application Development Palm Beach

Custom Application Development Palm Beach and the Entire US

Custom Application Development Palm Beach and Beyond is provided by Third Wave Technology and now also benefits clients across South Florida and the United States with 100% US based agile development teams. Contact us today to learn more about how Third Wave can help transform your company.

Third Wave is a South Florida based custom application development provider. We owe our start to the Palm Beach area, South Florida and all of Florida. Today Third Wave now also includes companies across the United States.

If your company is based in Palm Beach County, or anywhere in South Florida it provides a unique advantage. Our local clients in South Florida have the benefit of receiving our unique hands-on approach, which often includes onsite visits, collaboration, training, and consulting. Nothing gives us more pride than to play a role in the success of a local company.

All of our clients can expect the following from our first-class agile development solutions:

  • Business Value: Third Wave’s process begins with the understanding of our clients’ industry, business goals, and challenges. Our unique approach uses software and technology to create business solutions that transform companies into progressive operations.
  • Customer satisfaction: Our clients are guaranteed rapid delivery of useful software.
  • Flexibility: Our continuous development process welcomes changing requirements, even late in the development cycle.
  • Rapid, Continuous Progress: Our teams deliver working software every 2 weeks until the project is perfected. Our local clients in Palm Beach/South Florida often benefit from onsite demonstrations, which result in agile development straight from the field.
  • Collaboration: Our cloud-based development process brings our clients closer into the collaborative development process. Our products can be managed services or a hand off to our clients’ in-house teams.
  • Co-location: Our local agile development clients in Palm Beach/South Florida receive face-to-face interaction, training, and consultancy.
  • Measured, Sustainable Progress: Our working software is the principal measure of constant progress.
  • Quality: Third Wave has continuous attention to technical excellence and first-class design.
  • Expert Teams: Expert architects, quality analysts, and product owners from self-organizing teams that deliver the highest quality products that are guaranteed to meet our client’s needs and deliver immediate business value.

Custom Application Development Palm Beach and Beyond by Third Wave is proud to play an active role in our community and building the technology industry in Palm Beach and South Florida. We are a member of the Palm Beach Tech Association which works to grow the local tech community and businesses.

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