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Third Wave Continuous Delivery Solutions

Implementing Continuous Delivery in your software environment can be challenging. Doing it yourself requires overcoming the barriers of Time, Buy-in, Know How and Experience. Using the best agile tools for the situation is critical. Third Wave Continuous Delivery Solutions provides the option of having an experienced team of experts rapidly automate your software environment so you can quickly begin realizing the ROI benefits.

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Why Continuous Delivery?

Third Wave 5 Step Project Process

The Third Wave process is designed for a smooth transition to the new high performing environment. It covers all the critical elements for success to reduce risk and ensure acceptance and productivity from start and beyond.



Start with an initial phone consultation to discuss your environment, challenges and goals. No cost, no commitment. If you are inspired you can move forward with the Discovery.


The discovery step is about a week long depending on the size and complexity. It results in an implementing plan, best practices and tool recommendations along with milestones.


We don’t just recommend we implement. We work with your development and infrastructure team or vendor to install, configure, script all the components of automation. We use our own open source library built over the years to accelerate the integration of all the systems seamlessly.


Training is critical to the buy-in of the development team to ensure they become comfortable with the process, Once the team embraces the new process and tools productivity increases and the culture of Continuous Delivery begins to grow.


This step is highly recommended but optional. It allows your team to reach out and ask questions as needed, assistance with new components, troubleshooting or keeping your team and culture on track. It also provides general maintenance to keep your Continuous Delivery Solution up to date and patched.

What clients are saying ...

  • With the implementation of CloudCDE I now consider our company to have one of the most advanced system architectures of any SaaS company in our industry.

    John Cohen, Founder & President Total Party Planner
  • Automating our Software deployment with Third Wave has seriously reduced our deployment burden. Getting rid of various PowerShell scripts and manual processes  to deploy to our various environments has freed my team to focus on development rather than deployment.

    Joe K - DevOps Manager MaxEx


Pricing for Continuous Delivery Solutions is based on:

Number of Developers

Number of Projects

Number of Databases

Complexity of Environment

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