How We Work

Great things are rarely built by accident.  We strive to provide a rewarding and collaborative process for our clients based on proven methodologies.

Our Principles


Third Wave’s model of continuous feedback ensures constant evolution and rapid development. The result is maintainable, high quality, tested, scalable, secure, and appropriately customized software solutions. Simply put, we have the highest standards.

Our protocols are tight and our frameworks are perfected. Each Third Wave developer uses the same frameworks, coding standards, and best practices. Quality Assurance Engineers define the acceptance criteria from the very start, and our collaborative peer programming approach promises innovation and accurate final products.


Our clients know exactly what they are getting, each step of the way. Our own cloud based continuous development process allows real time access to every minute of our development process, and each step of the plan to the final product. Our completed work is demonstrated to each client every 2 weeks with metrics to show the work completed, velocity, uncompleted work and more. Even the billing is tied into the system so that each invoice is presented with detailed documentation of what was done along with the allocation of the team’s time.


We adjust and move on quickly. Our process is a keen system that understands what our clients want. Each team’s Product Owner (PO) plays a critical role in the agile process. The PO is the liaison between the client stakeholders and the development team to ensure that business requirements are translated into units of work for the developers. Our clients prioritize the developer’s work in each 2-week work cycle, with the PO queuing up work in advance to keep a steady workflow. This allows for flexibility in changing business priorities, but also a constant rate of productivity. We fine-tune at every step.


Third Wave’s unique project management system promises maximum efficiency and costs for our clients while still promising the highest quality of final products guaranteed to transform our clients businesses. Our developers rapidly deliver and demonstrate slices of working functionality to the client’s stakeholders to provide a tight feedback loop that ensures the software performs as desired. The end results are agile adjustments and quick refinements, so we are never far off of the mark.

Our Process

U nderstand
Third Wave’s process begins with a deep understanding of your high-level business goals. First, we identify how to provide business value with our customized software service offerings.

D esign
The agile tools within our cloud-based development system allow clients to see every bit of progress in real time. Completed work is demonstrated every 2 weeks with metrics that show the entire lifespan of their project. Each team has a lead architect to manage the most critical characteristics such as scalability, fault tolerance, security and high-level architecture.

I mplement
Every Third Wave agile software development team collaboratively works at a consistent level. Points are assigned to each unit of work prior to starting. This velocity is applied to the rest of the pieces to be built. The result is a streamlined project management system poised for perfect product development and delivery.


D eliver
Third Wave’s agile software development team’s process supports maximum speed and efficiency. Our custom cloud based agile software development environment is optimized for test driven development, and build/testing automation with each check-in. Deployment is also automated across various QA, Staging or Production environments. Our cloud based environment is reliable, with your infrastructure virtualized to eliminate hardware failures. The system is also secure, with your servers and code protected inside a Virtual Private Cloud and only accessible via an encrypted VPN.

M easure
Defined metrics keep our expert teams on their toes to continuously bring our clients the software solutions they need to run, grow, and transform their businesses. The measurement of our success is your bottom line.

I terate
We are focused on getting it right. Our process continues until our final products are delivered to our clients and they see immediate business value. Our clients have peace of mind that they can take ownership of their environment at any time.

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