Does Your West Palm Beach Business Need Agile Software Consulting?

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Software development has the ability to make or break a business. Today’s technology has made it essential that a business acquire a software development plan to implement a stable and streamlined business. Before you can begin to consider consulting with an agile software development firm you must first know more about agile software the positive impacts in can have on your business.

Third Wave is a business that provides agile software consulting for businesses seeking to implement new and creative software technologies into their business plan. Companies all over the world are using our services to change the way they handle IT systems and development.

We want to revolutionize this industry by putting our customers first and making their lives much easier when it comes to their business. When it comes to agile software consulting in West Palm Beach, nobody does it better than we do here at Third Wave.


The History of Agile Software Development

Agile development sounds more complicated than it actually is. It is simply an innovative new way for Information Technology to manage projects and teams in their department. IT’s version of the word agile comes from the agile manifesto. This group was derived of a group of individuals back in 2001 to talk about their feelings about traditional methods of software management and development and proposed to make some changes to the process. They came up with four different values that are still applied in the field of IT even today.

  •       Interactions and people over tools and projects.
  •       Effective software over excessive documentation.
  •       Customers over contracts.
  •       Being innovative over following a plan.

These core values written in the agile manifesto allow all software creators to involve the customer and to focus more on the frequent and precise delivery of products. This permits the agile software creators to finish a feature before moving onto something new which gives the client a specific idea of where their project is headed.

Teamwork and communication with the client are absolutely essential in this process. Which means you require the best of the best when it comes to agile software consulting and you can find all of those qualities in Third Wave.


What Agile Software Development Can Do for Your Business

So what can this creative new way of handling IT projects do for your business? That is the million dollar question. You must first understand how important the customer is to your business and why their success equates your success. Here are some primary benefits to adding agile software development to your company.

  •       Serving the customer to the highest level of quality.
  •       Realistic expectations on both sides of the table.
  •       Creates a motivated and productive development team.
  •       Excellent quality software equals good business.

And the list goes on and on. The agile software process has allowed businesses to put the customers back in the forefront, giving them complete control over the creation of the software as well as their allowing their voices to be heard.

We here at Third Wave want the best of the best for our clients. The only way this can be done is by having an extremely motivated and productive team of developers that understand the importance of customer service and communication. This not only creates a happy customer but a reliable product and repeat service.


Why Third Wave is the Right Choice

Software development is not an easy process and Third Wave understands that to the highest degree. We have a team of business leaders and developers that pride themselves in striving for perfection and an excellent sense of what the customer needs. Third Wave has experts from all over the world who speak many languages to better serve the customer and create the best possible software package.

We have over 30 years of experience in this industry and will accept nothing less than your complete satisfaction. Having a team of real experts who understand the importance of top notch customer service as well as high standards of software quality is what makes Third Wave the right choice for your business. If you are interested in learning more about agile software consulting in West Palm Beach, we are the right team for you. Contact us today for your free assessment.

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