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There’s nothing simple or easy about software development. The skill involved with it takes years of training and knowledge of countless technological skills. Your business is trying to stay at the forefront of technology like any other and agile software development is the answer to your questions. This method of development ensures a quality product that can turn on a dime and evolve with your business.

To avoid the costs associated with training an entire team, instead look to Third Wave for your agile experts in South Florida. Our proven team has helped many businesses and continues to do so as we expand our portfolio. Let us examine the benefits and power that an agile development company like our own can provide for your business.


A Brief Explanation of Agile Development

The concept of software development methods dates back to 1957 when a paper was published by E.A. Edmonds that conceived an adaptive software development process. It wasn’t until the 1990s that a term called lightweight agile methods began to evolve. It came about as a reaction to the heavyweight waterfall methods of the time.

The waterfall method of software creation was a sequential process that viewed the development as a series of stages that flowed downward much like the name implies. The phases of the process are conception, initiation, analysis, design, construction, testing, production, and maintenance. The concept began in the manufacturing and construction spheres where structure was rigid and changes were either costly or not possible at all.

Since nothing else provided an alternative in the early stages of software development, this was used across all types of software. Agile processes began to emerge in various forms throughout the 90s. These included but aren’t limited to the following:

  •      Unified Process (1994)
  •      Scrum (1995)
  •      Crystal Clear Extreme Programming (1996)
  •      Adaptive Software Development (1997)
  •      Feature Driven Development (1997)
  •      Dynamic Systems Development Methods (1995)

In 2001, 17 software developers met at the Snowbird resort in Utah to discuss the above lightweight agile development methods. After working together they wrote and published a document called the Manifesto for Agile Software Development. Upon this publication, all of these lightweight solutions became a singular whole and are modernly referred to as agile methodologies.

The approach to agile development is one that continuously inspects and examines the landscape of the software and adapts to changes on the fly. While other methods involve very little or no change to the overall lifespan, agile development offers a way to constantly tweak and change the development lifecycle to better the software as a whole.

Referring back to the aforementioned waterfall development, that particular approach only allows for a single opportunity in each stage of the development process. Once something is completed, they move on. Agile development constantly returns to the basics: design, requirements, market relevancy, and so on. It is an incremental and iterative approach that always calculates for changes and course corrections.


How Third Wave can Unlock Your Company’s Potential

The power and control that agile development commands in a software project is unparalleled. Placed in the hands of our capable team, there is no limit to the benefits you and your company stand to gain from our involvement. We stand by four specific aspects of our business that combine to bring you a solution that shatters expectations.

1. Unwavering Quality

Our own approach to agile development accounts for constant communication and feedback from you. As the project progresses, you are with us every step of the way. We take this constant feedback and channel it into the never-ending evolution of your software. This results in incredibly high quality solutions that are tested, scalable, and secure in their design.

We all utilize the same frameworks and protocols which are fine tuned to a science. Our Quality Assurance team defines the expectations from the beginning and monitors them throughout the development process.

2. Total Transparency

We believe in allowing our clients full control and view of the project as it develops. We offer a cloud based solution that provides the client with full and real time access to the project at any point during development. Every two weeks, we meet personally with the client to showcase completed work, metrics, velocity, and more.

Our invoices are broken down to show what was completed and how each member of the team’s time was allocated to make the most of the time spent.

3. Our Brand of Agility

Taking into account the basic tenets of agile development, we adjust on-the-fly and move quickly through each process. We establish a keen understanding of the client’s needs and the needs of the business before beginning. Every one of our teams has a PO or product owner that acts as a direct line of communication between the client and the development team. In this way, we allow clients to relay information and desires to the team quickly and efficiently.

4. The Perfect Process

We’ve taken the principles of agile development and molded them into a management system that produces high quality results and maximizes the efficiency of our client’s time and money. Every software solution that we create is guaranteed to set fire to the potential of your business. With a fast feedback turnaround and a methodology that adapts on-the-fly, there’s no reason to wait any longer.

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