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Many of the principles and practices that Agile software development uses have been around for decades; however, what makes them really different here is that they are all taken together versus the inclusion of just one or two along the way.  When they are packaged, it helps effectively guide teams through planning, delivering, and testing software.  What has been noted time and time again is that Agile methods create high quality software systems efficiently and with less expense then traditional processes.

Furthermore, IT developers have noted that Agile methodology delivers a better product in the end and one which has far fewer defects than the traditional methodologies.  So when it is all said and done, this savings affects a company’s bottom line.  Naturally, when development is made in small and incremental stages, it promotes rapid and flexible responses to developmental changes.

With the economy finally stabilized and the real estate market looking up, our Agile experts have seen an increase in technology based companies in South Florida.  In fact, in the most recent years, this area has become sought after for many new businesses looking to have a foot on the doorstep of Latin America.  We have worked with a great many of them and continue a strong business relationship where we see them thrive, expand, and become innovative.


How Agile Helps Businesses

The Agile model works great when a business is susceptible to changes, especially ones that require needed implementation right away.  In addition, because of the frequency of increments, which is a hallmark of Agile methodology, applying these changes requires very little costs, because the team member will only be losing or revising the work which was completed at the start of the specific increment.

Unlike traditional methods, Agile methodology does not need a whole lot of planning and detailing before work starts.  This feature goes along with the notion that changes are expected and welcomed.  In fact, Agile assumes that the needs of the customer will always be dynamic and so by the time the final product is created, it will be exactly as expected.

The advantages a business can expect through Agile development software include:

  •      Changes can always be implemented throughout the process
  •      Collaborations are emphasized, whether it is among the team member or with the customers as well
  •      Customer satisfaction is top priority and continually assessed
  •      Technical designs are recurrently worked on
  •      Final software product is created in a shorter timeframe than with traditional methods

Besides these benefits to the organization, teams, and customers, the relevancy that Agile brings should not be underestimated.  Time and cost are measured with better accuracy because they are measured by performance.  Thus, major decisions, even for future projects, can be weighed with relevant metrics which saves you money in the end.

Another benefit with Agile processes is the unsurpassed project control which gives vast opportunities to inspect and adapt.  Ultimately, this features leads to a better end product because of the numerous adjustments that can be made along the way.  Changes can be made by anyone who is a stakeholder and at any time, however it is advisable to make changes for the next sprint cycle to minimize the team impact and commitments to completion.

Finally, the value of people working in teams should not be overlooked.  It has long been known that the best teams are made up of diverse individuals with different educational and professional backgrounds.  Agile methodologies typically include these team members:

  •      Quality Assurance Engineer
  •      Developers
  •      Principal Developers
  •      Product Owner
  •      You

When bringing together a good variety of individuals you can expect far more creativity and innovation.  In addition, the team members experience a higher level of morale when working together in an interactive environment.  Agile promotes collaboration and ownership, which is beneficial for both the employees and the customers.


Our Experts Bring Your Success

At Third Wave, our professionals do not tackle every business’s needs the same way.  Instead, we customize our plans to meet your objectives and challenges.  The only thing we remain constant in is our level of high service and attention to your project.

Third Wave offers a number of areas we can help you with including:

  •      Custom software development
  •      Customized mentoring and training
  •      Agile software outsourcing
  •      Agile software development team
  •      Mobile software developers

Our craftsmen take pride in transforming your products and services and can provide you with assistance in all these areas.

Our Agile experts are not only up-to-date with the all the latest developments in the IT world, but also they know South Florida well to provide you with an additional level of expertise.  Getting in touch with us is easy and can be done right from our website.  Send us your contact information and we will be happy to get in touch with you.

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