Third Wave Developing its own SaaS Product

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Rumor on the street is that Third Wave Technology is developing its own SaaS product. CEO Frank Barbato has confirmed this to be true. “We are building our own SaaS application that is purpose built specifically for Digital Marketing agencies.” says Mr. Barbato. “It will significantly improve the management and operations of handling numerous deliverables across agency product offerings. Right now we’re seeing this type of work being managed across multiple applications and spreadsheets. Our platform will provide a single application to manage and integrate with other popular applications to increase automation.” he added.

Third Wave Technology has been developing SaaS applications for its clients for over 8 years now. So it is well suited to build a powerful, scalable platform that provides business value to targeted industries.

Mr. Barbato expects the MVP to be completed in the next few months and beta testing to begin at the beginning of 2020. A formal announcement will be forth coming on when we can expect the software and what features it will have.

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