Adopting Continuous Delivery: Your Customers Will Thank You

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The Problem

Sometimes, developers get lost in the tech. In a sea of computer screens and code, it can be easy to forget about the reason for which you are working: the customer. For most teams, software and IT systems are ultimately about functionality for an end user, and that functionality has to translate into business value.  Software has no business value unless it is in production. Many companies both large and small suffer from this problem every day.

The Challenge

That being said, one of the biggest challenges in software development is the ability of the team to rapidly deliver high-quality software that achieves the full circle of customer satisfaction and business value. After all, developing great software that captures critical requirements, elegantly solves problems, and maintains a high quality is not easy.

The Solution

Today, the pace of business is faster than ever. Disruptive technology is introduced almost daily that can quickly bring obsolescence. Business priorities and plans change constantly, which makes it imperative that new ideas find their way to clients rapidly. Given this fickle environment, the old methods of software development just don’t cut it anymore. For everyone’s sake, especially your customers, it’s time to evolve, and this is why.

Spare Your Customers’ Headaches

The most common headaches associated with custom software are the result of poor feature design, bloated software, lack of necessary changes to keep up with user or organizational change, and downtime related to broken builds/releases. Luckily, these conundrums are all avoidable to keep customers smiling and business productive.

  • The Continuous Delivery Environment, developed and implemented properly, allows rapid software deployment and automation. It supports the agile development process and creates an environment for it to shine.
  • With the right team that knows the Continuous Delivery Environment with proper feature design, lean software, continuous updates, and a reliable infrastructure, your development teams and business will achieve major efficiencies in productivity, which will be reflected in your customers’ satisfaction.

Advance Your Development Culture

In today’s rapidly changing business and technology demands, successful business are adopting a development culture that can meet these demands, and for a good reason. Customers are happier when a steady stream of improvements is constantly being implemented. The culture of Continuous Delivery is about keeping software in a working state with the ability to roll out frequent improvements and changes.

To customers, this improves the perception that the software is constantly improving and that the company really cares about the product and user experience. In the customers’ eyes, your Continuous Delivery Environment is better than one massive change because the customer encounters less of a learning curve with only minor changes over time compared to a major system change at once.

Make Your Customers More Productive

A more productive customer is a better customer. With a Continuous Delivery Environment, customers can expect to experience a more efficient user process with:

  • Less downtime
  • Less bugs
  • Rapid implementation.

It is better software that keeps the business system moving with agility, and customers moving with fulfilled experiences.

The investment in a Continuous Delivery Environment sets the stage for businesses that see the future of rapid software development and business outcomes. It is for organizations that understand the value in building an environment that supports the real-world demands of today’s rapidly changes in technology and business, and the value in creating systems that keep customers saying “thank you.”

Third Wave is a boutique software development company located in Boca Raton, Florida. Our business acumen, agile development solutions, and perfected continuous development process offer unmatched levels of expertly crafted software and development services. Our team is dedicated to helping companies break into the new era of rapidly changing business trends with adaptive technology that provides sophisticated business solutions.

Third Wave also offers Cloud CDE, a fully automated cloud based Continuous Delivery Environment “in a box”. Cloud CDE and our consulting services provide a jump start to organizations that are ready to start transforming their culture to a high performing IT organization.

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