Sonavation (SaaS Platform)

Sonavation is an innovative biometric identity provider who designs and manufactures fingerprint sensors and devices.  Sonavation selected Third Wave to rapidly develop a Cloud Based Biometric Identity and Authentication Platform that would eliminate the need for passwords via strong multi-factor authentication.  Within 6 weeks, Third Wave was able to deliver a functional proof of concept to demonstrate the product vision to influential stakeholders and press.

Third Wave then proceeded to design and implement the full solution which includes a robust cloud backend interacting with several native mobile applications on both iOS and Android.  Third Wave also contributed to the development of the firmware on the physical device and the implementation of a Bluetooth Low Energy communication protocol between the fob and mobile applications.  The platform allows users to register with the service, enroll their fingerprints with the device, and authenticate requests made from trusted third-parties securely via the cloud.  While still in the early stages, Sonavation has a far-reaching vision that will change the way users interact with their favorite social media platforms, financial institutions, and other services where strong authentication is desired.

  • Application Types: Web, Mobile, Firmware, Desktop, Browser Plugin
  • Programming Languages: Java, Objective-C, C, Ruby, C#
  • Data Stores: MySQL, Redis, RabbitMQ
  • Cloud Infrastructure: Amazon Web Services
  • Platforms: Linux, iOS, Android, Windows, Embedded (ARM, Bare Metal)
  • Frameworks: Spring (MVC, AMQP, Security), Hibernate, Bouncy Castle, RetroFit, ModelMapper, EJBCA, Ruby on Rails, r509, OpenSSL
  • Development Environment: GitLab, TeamCity, Maven, Ant, Rake
  • Specialty Technologies: Bluetooth Low Energy, Public Key Infrastructure, Biometrics

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